The Most Underrated Taylor Swift Songs

The Most Underrated is a meme in which I discuss the most underrated songs by an artist or band. Occasionally I may branch out, but this is the main theme. Today’s artist spotlight is on Taylor Swift! I’ve been pretty open about my tumultuous relationship with Taylor Swift. We’ve been on the outs and on [...]


Mini Music Reviews: MUNA, Grandson, & The Faim!

It’s time for another Mini Music Review post! Today I’ll be doing flash reviews on three very different bands/artists. And yet, they all make perfect sense as bands/artists I enjoy. My tastes are very broad, yet very specific. Anyway, today I’m reviewing new projects by MUNA, grandson, and The Faim. What’s that? You haven’t heard [...]

Mini Music Reviews: Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, & More!

Here I am, back at it again with my inconsequential opinions on music! As I said in my last Mini Music Reviews post, I’ve decided to do flash reviews for albums instead of full-length ones. That way I can hide the fact that I don’t really know much about music. Nope, you’ll never know that. [...]